Jane Gray

I am a new author embarking on my first novel The Bitti Chai which means the small girl in Romany.  Having had a number of  articles published in the Romany Routes journals I researched various creative writing courses only to be put off by the possibility of having to write about things which held no interest for me.  Following a period of absence from work and limited activity I began to write a story based on the cultural background of my own Romany family but with a modern day slant in that it was about a very young couple.  My own literary interest often revolved around areas of the occult and spirituality so it seemed natural for me to introduce this element into my writing. 


My characters became so real to me that I soon realised that not one book would cover Reigneth and Johnny’s love story and so The Bitti Chai is to be the first in a trilogy. 


During this time I attended a New Writers UK event advertised at Rufford Park and met other like minded people.   At the same time I realised that although I had the makings of a reasonable story I needed help.  New Writers UK came to the rescue when I attended their Festival in October 2010 and met author Helen Hollick, composer Bronwen Harrison and my phenomenal editor Jo Field.  Better than any creative writing course Jo helped me bring my characters to life and The Bitti Chai was born.


New Writers UK Festival October 2011 sees the launch of my first novel but quietly at home The Lost Souls, the follow up, is slowly taking shape, with Johnny and Reigneth constantly in my head keeping me busy.   With an edit date of February 2012 already booked it keeps me motivated.


Music too acts as inspiration for me and I have added playlists to my web site which I have used whilst writing. 


Another facet which became apparent in the later stages of the book was the design of the book cover and marketing materials.  Again New Writers to the rescue and Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics was recommended.  She has nursed me through panic stricken moments and has created not only the art work for The Bitti Chai but also The Lost Souls and additionally has produced a beautiful book trailer which can be viewed on Youtube and on my website or through The Bitti Chai Facebook page.


I hope you enjoy Reigneth and Johnny’s story let them into your life, let them into your heart.  Enjoy!


B.R.A.G Medallion Award



The Bitti Chai has now been added to the Honoree list at www.bragmedallion.com. and has been given a five star review.